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Eucalyptus at Beaumont RV Storage Condominiums

Eucalyptus at Beaumont - Boat RV Storage Condo

Beaumont, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2010

Eucalyptus at Beaumont Garage Condominiums, one of the first such developments in California, and has pioneered the concept of Condominium Garages for Automotive and RV Storage ownership.

“Sales have been extraordinary”, said Ted Deits, the project developer. “People love the idea of owning their storage, and turning their same rental dollars into an asset class investment”, Deits said. “Couple the unique concept of storage ownership and our award in the Best Specialty Storage in America category, and you have an unbeatable combination of value and solid investment potential”, Deits said.

“Security and access are the two issues that have high priority in the eyes of a potential buyer. Those two simple features are missing from comparable rentals since by nature they have a transient clientele. You never know who is moving in next door and what they may end up doing”, Deits continued. “At Eucalyptus at Beaumont, everyone knows and looks out for each other and they take care of it like they own it, because they do”, Deits said.

Eucalyptus at Beaumont is built on 4.53 acres, with 107 fully enclosed garage condominiums. Interior heights are 18’ with garage depths up to 100’ and widths from 11’ up to 27’.

All door heights are 14’. Security features such as web based security cameras, garage alarms and instant e-mail notification anytime your garage is accessed, are standard to all units. Ownership is the same as any other type of California real estate.

This project was built to not only provide a unique, secure, inexpensive solution for the storage of high value vehicles, but to create a community of RV and automotive enthusiasts where they share a common pride of ownership. When was the last time you were involved with 107 other people with the same interests as you?

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