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Building Extras

Gutters & Drainage

All of our buildings come standard with gutters and downspouts. If required, the downspouts can be tied into your underground drainage system. Our gutter system also has expansion boxes and an overflow mechanism.

To Fit Your Needs

Roof and wall insulation comes in different thicknesses and backings. In today’s energy-efficient buildings, the proper type and thickness are a must. Our vinyl batt roof insulation has a scrim reinforcement built into the vinyl for additional strength. Wall insulation is also a vinyl batt or we also carry rigid board insulation if required.

Advanced Roofing Options

Typically, our storage buildings come with a concealed clip, trapezoidal rib, 3” standing seam roof system in varying widths and gauges. Mako will match up the most economical roof design for your project that will meet all of the local codes. In addition to the standing-seam roof system, we also offer exposed fastener (screw-down) roof systems along with a B-Deck substrate for TPO applications.

Fastener Metal Panels

Mako carries a full line of exposed fastener metal wall panels with different profiles. Panels include a 7.2 panel, corrugated, PBC, PBD, PBR, PBU and Stormproof. These panels come in an assortment of colors and gauges.