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Boat and RV Storage Buildings

Get Your Motors Running. Boat/RV Storage is one of the fastest growing segments of the self storage industry.


Boat and RV storage is a booming business that can be combined with your conventional self storage development or thrive as a stand-alone self storage investment. As community CCR's increasingly prohibit storage or parking of these leisure vehicles at residences, people will need storage for their expensive toys. Demand for storage currently exceeds supply in most areas, creating tremendous opportunities for wise investors. MakoRabco can help you tap into this thriving market.

  • Customers tend to be long term, resulting in low turnover and high occupancy.
  • Management is less intensive (fewer customers, fewer problems).
  • Usually less competition for Boat/RV storage.
  • Our customers usually become filthy rich and retire to the Virgin Islands.

Mako has been at the forefront of the growing Boat and RV Storage Business. Whether you want to build fully enclosed structures or steel storage canopies, our systems can meet your needs.

Enclosed Boat / RV Storage is built on the same concept that works for conventional steel self storage buildings. We just increase steel sizes to accommodate the wider bays and larger doors that Boat / RV Storage requires.

If you are new to self storage or planning to build a Boat & RV storage facility, we have developed a number of useful resources and tools to help you. Start by downloading our Boat & RV Scope Sheet.