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DOUBLE IT UP to Add Capacity to Your Single-Story Self Storage Buildings

When You Can’t Build Out - Build Up!

double up

New self-storage facilities in both urban and suburban communities are typically multi-story and include state-of-the-art features, climate controlled units, solar and special amenities that appeal to a higher end clientele.  How can you add capacity and retrofit your existing single story self-storage buildings without having to tear down your existing structures or purchase more land?  DOUBLE IT UP with MakoRabco.

If you own a single story self-storage business that has just about reached capacity but you don’t have the option of building out, MAKORABCO's DOUBLE UP program may be just the right solution to grow your self-storage business without disrupting your tenants and current revenue stream.

MakoRabco is the only self-storage builder with experience in building the DOUBLE IT UP mezzanine structure that makes it possible to add a second story to your existing single story structures.

It is no longer necessary to tear down your existing facility, which would require evicting existing tenants and forgoing the revenue that units would have generated while the new construction takes place. MakoRabco can help you  “DOUBLE UP” the square footage on your established site by designing a Rigid Frame Mezzanine that would span two existing single-story structures and building ANOTHER building on top of them.

Learn more about our Double Up product.