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MakoRabco's Safety Division

Strong Voices, Safe Choices

At MakoRabco, safety on the work site is our priority, working towards our goal of Zero Harm


The safety of everyone involved in the construction of your new facility is of the utmost importance at MakoRabco. This is why we have a dedicated Safety Division within our company to help ensure the wellbeing of everyone on our projects.

The management of risk is paramount in the construction industry. We truly believe that safety starts from a culture with the belief that all injuries can be prevented. We go by the motto "Strong Voices, Safe Choices", which means when everyone on the worksite has the same goal of safety, everyone speaks up, which leads to safer choices being made.

Why the Safety Division?

The world is evolving, and with it, the complexities of the self storage sector. In the rapidly changing landscape of the self storage sector, risks are everywhere. But, the real cost isn’t just in potential accidents. It's in the repercussions: the loss of trust, the hefty fines, the tarnished reputation. With our Safety Division by your side, these are worries you simply won't have. Our dedication to developing a pervasive culture of safety isn't just limited to our own organization. We aim to uplift the whole industry, influencing not just our team but every single stakeholder associated with us.

Unparalleled Safety Initiatives:

  1. Best Practices & Protocols: We're not just following the rulebook. We're redefining safety. We're researching and establishing best practices that set us apart as the leaders in safety. Our research-backed practices ensure you’re always a step ahead, firmly positioning you as an industry frontrunner in safety.

  2. Training and Certifications: 
  3. Toolbox Talks: Knowledge is power. Toolbox Talks are a hands-on approach to sharing knowledge on critical safety topics. These concise yet comprehensive discussions are sent out to all our subcontractors. We insist on participation from every member, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared. And the best part? Our Toolbox Talks are bilingual, available in both English and Spanish. These talks ensure every member, from subcontractors to staff, is empowered, informed, and vigilant.

  4. On-Site Safety Professionals: No more second-guessing. Our seasoned experts are on the ground, actively ensuring every inch of your site adheres to top-tier safety and compliance standards.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority:

We are taking these steps not just because we have to, but because we believe in them. With our elevated standards, you can focus on what you do best, leaving the safety aspects to us. No more sleepless nights over potential job site incidents, looming fines, or concerns over your workers' safety.

Dawn D copy

By collaborating with MakoRabco, you're not just partnering with a company; you're joining a safety revolution in the self storage world. We're on this journey, and we invite you to walk alongside us, ensuring a safer and more compliant industry.

Leading this safety division is Dawn Doyle, Director of Risk Management and Culture, who has been a part of the MakoRabco team since 2019. Dawn will be leading our journey to "Zero Harm," by managing our safety and risk management activities across the company.

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