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Self Storage Building Design

Design Your Self Storage Buildings to Stand Out From the Crowd. 

Garage Plus uses a variety of Self Storage Building materials to appeal to upscale audience.

The first consideration in developing any new Self Storage facility is always location, location, location. You want to have a Self Storage building that is located where potential customers need it and will see it. But what will they see?

With self storage facilities moving into metropolitan areas, business and retail malls, and even, in residential areas, how your self storage building looks can be just as important as where it is located. Design your Self Storage Building to attract customers - lots of them.

Use Color to Brand Your Self Storage Business

Self Storage owners can take their cue from successful retail and restaurant operations to draw customers to their facilities. Most successful retail powerhouses use color, texture and design elements in a consistent way to brand their businesses. Certain design elements are used consistently on their buildings and throughout all of their marketing; advertising, signage, print materials, website, promotions, etc., to create a strong brand image for their businesses.

Self Storage Building Design - Color

 Self Storage operators can and should use color in the same way to brand their business. Use color and texture in innovative ways on your Self Storage Building and signage to stand out from the crowd. Color can be incorporated beyond your walls. Consider contrasting colors on the trim, roofs and signage. Carry that color combination through to your marketing programs. When you are ready, you can repeat that combination as you expand to other locations to have a brand image that customers will recognize. 

 See how color can change the overall appearance of your Self Storage building.

Try our Color Selector tool.

Self Storage Building Exterior Choices

Self Storage buildings have moved well beyond basic steel structures. Today, there are a variety of materials, finishes and amenities to create eye-catching curb appeal for your self storage buildings.

Metal exteriors are still the first choice for most Self Storage builders. But metal siding does not need to be boring or unattractive. Steel Self Storage Manufacturers have responded to market demand for attractive choices in siding with a wide variety of colors and metal panel profiles. Different panel designs can be combined in a variety of ways to create interesting textures. Metal panels can also be combined with other materials to create innovative Self Storage design that incorporates a variety of colors, textures and finishes. Galvanized finishes resist rust and corrosion. Metal panels are also designed for ease and speed of installation making them the most cost effective, easy to maintain and durable choice for Self Storage Building. Below is an example of innovative Self Storage Building Design for a specific area and target market in Vail Colorado.

Vail Ranch Self Storage

Masonry is also prevalent in Self Storage building. Concrete masonry can be used in a variety of ways to create an interesting and durable Self Storage building exterior. Because concrete generally requires more labor and construction time, it can be more costly than metal exterior panels but can result in a beautiful Self Storage facility that will last the test of time.

Carlsbad Self Storage Buildings

Combined Building Materials

Who says you can’t combine metal with other materials? Some of the most attractive Self Storage Buildings we have worked on have creatively combined metal with stone accents, stucco banding, glass, steel structural elements, and other treatments.

West Coast Self Storage

Landscaping Your Self Storage Building

Complete the look of your Self Storage Building with professionally designed landscaping. Landscaping not only adds curb appeal, it can add privacy and security. 

For more Self Storage Building ideas, contact MakoRabco. Our professional Self Storage Design Engineers are ready to help you with your next Self Storage Building project.


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